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You are yet to kick off any digital marketing campaigns and you know that you have some set up to knock off first. You are ready to get your hands dirty and learn the ins and outs of digital marketing. You want to be guided by someone who has done it before, so you can do it the easy way.

Month 1


Month 2


Month 3



Rinse and repeat

Not locked into any channels, this plan considers a holistic digital marketing approach

Video sessions and shared collaborative meeting minutes

Implementation support so you can execute with confidence

Month 1

Get a plan in place for the next quarter

Get an independent report of current marketing performance, recommendations to optimise current activities and suggestions of opportunities for next steps, all delivered in a 90 minute planning session.

Read more about what your plan will include here.

I'll perform an independent review of your marketing performance and run you through the key findings. Based on this, I will present you with a clear and concise list of actions you can take to optimise your digital marketing

You will also be provided with a list of opportunities to plan for over the coming months. These concepts form your dynamic digital marketing plan. As the months progress, we will build on these, which will provide you with a marketing strategy.

I ensure that you leave this month's coaching session with a clear understanding of actions to be taken in the quarter ahead and a roadmap to implement them.


Whether you're an internal team or outsourcing (freelancers or agency) I'll articulate an easy to follow strategy with tactical suggestions.

Suggestions can cover the following digital marketing platforms where relevant:

  • Organic and paid social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok)

  • Organic and Paid Search (i.e. Google)

  • Display Advertising (i.e. Google Display Network)

  • Email Marketing (Automated Email Sequences, Email Collection and Email Newsletters)

  • Press (Getting in the news)

  • Website Optimisation (Increasing conversion rates)

Month 1
Month 2

Month 2

Start implementing the plan

Get a check in on current marketing performance and walk through the nitty gritty of implementation so that you can work away without ambiguity, all delivered in a 60 minute implementation session.

By now you will have had time to reflect on your plan and consider which elements you are ready to implement.

You will have started executing the plan, but will have some questions along the way. In the second month of our engagement we will focus on helping you to implement the suggestions made in the previous month.

You will bring any questions you have to this meeting, and I will review your implementation to date before we meet.

I will ensure that you exit this session with a crystal clear idea of actions to be taken in the month ahead to work your way through this quarter's plan.

Month 3

Tie up loose ends

Complete this quarter's action plan and get ready to take on new suggestions, delivered in a 60 minute implementation session.

Your next plan revision is just around the corner (next month!), so it's time to make sure all action items have been implemented.

After working through the action points you have almost made your way through everything in your first quarterly plan.

Your marketing basics are set up and you are almost ready to launch some digital marketing campaigns.

We will touch base and ensure that all actions have been effectively implemented in best practice. Together, we will use this session to brief me on your capacity to implement in the quarter ahead so that I can provide you with the best plan possible.

Month 3

Next steps

Rinse and repeat

Your digital marketing is ever changing and your plan is dynamic. By repeating the above process we will nurture a full-fledged digital marketing strategy by repeatedly testing different tactics.

Current Template - Hedgehog 2023 eCommerce Dashboard › Digital Summary 2023-06-26 at 3.48.
Meet your Marketing Dashboard

Included for all Hedgehog clients

A simple, high level overview of your digital marketing performance.


An automatic, interactive dashboard that hooks directly into your website & core marketing channel analytics. ​You'll get an understanding of where your website traffic and social traffic is coming from, its behaviour in your funnel and your combined return on ad spend across paid media.

Your dashboard will cover all marketing channels and not favour any one. It will help you to read between the lines of which channels are truly driving results, and which are piggybacking.

You will finally have a clear and concise understanding of your digital marketing performance at a glance.

Why Hedgehog?

Looking for more?

Check out my other services, crafted off learnings from helping over 200 small businesses in Australia and around the world to sell more online.

Why Hedgehog?

Trusted, independent advice. Bias-free.

I'll be brutally honest & tell you how it is. I'll hide nothing from your reports and will plan your digital marketing strategy with no conflict of interest. 

No lock in contracts or minimum terms.

I don't believe in lock in contracts or forcing you to stay (how crazy). If I'm not providing value, I'll stop charging. Simple as that.

You work directly with me, Josh

I've helped over 200 small businesses in Australia and around the world to sell more online. I don't focus on any one channel, but instead on what will work for your business.

Every time we get out of a meeting with Josh we say to each other, “man, he’s so great!” We’re a small socially-minded company. We got to the point where we were at the end of our skillset and needed to outsource our digital marketing, but still to be careful with how we invest our resources. Josh totally gets it. He listens carefully to what we need, is proactive in recommending the best way forward, and transparent about the resources required. He creates great tools for us to measure progress, connects us with experts, and helps us stay on track as our goals change. He’s generous, creative, collaborative, flexible and responsive to feedback. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.


Aviva Beecher Kelk

Co-Founder at Clickability


Get started with your digital marketing

$5,000 + GST

per quarter

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