Australia's Digital Marketing Consultant for Small Business

I help you sell more online

From selling products to building brand awareness, generating leads, booking appointments, building an email list or offline support. I help you achieve your online objectives.


If you're searching for a Digital Marketing Consultant, then read on to see if we’re a good fit.

Digital Marketing Consultant in Melbourne

Hi I’m Josh, think of me as your Digital Marketing Analyst and Advisor

I am a digital marketing consultant that specialises in small business. By nature of my operating model, I provide trusted independent advice that has no bias. That means I'm focused on one thing - helping your business grow.
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Let's see if we're a good fit

And you ...

  • Want to establish a clear and concise marketing plan that is simple to follow.

  • Desire the oversight, coaching and discipline from working with a dedicated and experienced consultant.

  • Are tired of trying various different tactics and want best practice advice that is tried and tested.

  • Want your marketing to work for you - not the other way around.

  • Have tried to build your marketing function internally but haven’t succeeded - and you don’t know why.

  • Or, you haven't yet started building out your marketing function because you don't know where to get started - but you know you need one.

  • Know you have work to do to build your digital footprint and are ready and excited to get started.

We're a good fit if ...

  • You’re a small business that is based in Australia or New Zealand.

  • You’re looking to improve your online results - selling more products or generating more leads, achieving brand awareness or supporting your offline marketing efforts.

  • Your business is up and running with a proven product or service.

  • You / your team are ready to get your hands dirty and implement a concise strategy.

  • Or you’re willing to hire recommended freelancers to implement the work for you.

Small Biz Digital Marketing Guides

Learn the 101s of digital marketing by reading my guides that are purpose built to help Australian small businesses get set up for digital marketing best practice. I'm releasing this series on a weekly basis during Q2 & Q3 2021, so be sure to check back in as each new post is released.

Websites, Website Analytics, Choosing Marketing Channels, 

SEO / Google, Email MarketingContent Marketing

Coming Soon: Social Feeds (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)

And Then: Social Ads, Search Ads, Press, Competitions.

How I can work with your small business



I provide best practice advice, digital planning and marketing management to help small businesses just like you to sell more online.


View my three operating models below that have been purpose built from over 10 years of working with Australian small businesses.


Each plan provides a differing degree of support. Click through on each plan to view inclusion details & pricing.

To get started book a time in my calendar below to discuss the best starting plan for you.



Get best practice advice

Let me be your sounding board, guidance and accountability for your digital marketing.

  • Monthly advisory session

  • Strategic & tactical advice

  • Incidental support

  • Best practice guidance


Get a plan in place to grow

Let me read your data and put together a concise plan of attack to help you sell more online.

  • Everything from Advisory

  • Monthly performance report

  • Monthly plan of attack

  • Monthly planning meeting

  • Incidental support

  • Digital Marketing Dashboard


Get me to manage your plan

Let me manage your digital marketing function from strategy to implementation support.

  • Everything from Planned

  • Strategy development

  • Tactical briefing

  • Mid-month performance update

  • Prioritised implementation support

  • Digital Marketing Dashboard

One Off Services

Outside of my consulting plans I offer one off services.

This covers consultation sessions and audits of your digital marketing platforms, channels and analytics.

Scroll down to learn more or book a call to discuss.

One-Off Advice

Get specific best practice advice on a one-off basis.

Not ready to commit to a plan, or just looking to get advice on a specific topic? I offer a one-off session designed to provide you with specific advice to help you get past that roadblock.

  • Website

  • Digital paid media

  • Organic social media

  • Organic search media

  • Email marketing

  • Segmentation

  • Positioning

  • And more

Digital Marketing Audits

Get a comprehensive review of your digital marketing channels with specific and simple implementation advice

For the small business that is looking for an expert to check over their work or keep an eye on your agency. 

I'll audit your current performance to give you best practice advice and implementation tactics.

  • Website

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Google Analytics


Small Biz Digital Marketing Guides

Not ready to get started? Learn the 101s of digital marketing by reading my guides that are purpose built to help Australian small businesses get set up for digital marketing best practice. I'm releasing this series on a weekly basis during Q2 & Q3 2021, so be sure to check back in as each new post is released.


Meet the Dashboard

A simple, high level overview of your digital marketing performance.

Hedgehog Marketing Dashboard Example.gif

All Hedgehog clients get 24/7 access to their own digital marketing dashboard.

It’s an automatically updated, interactive dashboard that hooks directly into your website and core marketing channel analytics.

You'll get an understanding of where your traffic is coming from, its behaviour in your on-site funnel and more.