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Get personalised 1-1 training from award-winning
LinkedIn Ads experts

LinkedIn Ads Training

I'll provide you with a clear understanding of how to effectively run your own LinkedIn Ads account. Learn how to run seamless campaigns in best practice.

Digital Marketing Consultant in Melbourne

Hi 👋 we're your digital experts.

We are digital marketing consultants who assist small and medium businesses take control of their marketing.


Because nothing quite gets the job done like in-house passion.

LinkedIn Ads Training Services

Choose from a variety of LinkedIn Ads Training options built for small and medium businesses at any stage of their LinkedIn Ads journey.

Coaching Sessions

For marketing folk who want to ask a question to the experts.

  • Book one-off coaching sessions when needed

  • Eliminate roadblocks or unanswered questions

Bespoke Training

For businesses who want to be trained on the tools inside their own accounts.

  • Custom training programs based on your requirements

  • Get training within your own accounts

Set Up & Handover

For businesses who want to set up new accounts and learn how to effectively manage them.

  • 5 week program to set up new advertising accounts

  • Learn everything there is to know about LinkedIn!

Set Up & Handover Program

In 5 weeks, I'll provide you with a clear understanding of how to effectively run your own LinkedIn account

After 5 weeks, you'll have campaigns up and running and be confidently managing your account.

What you get

week 1 Briefing session to align objectives

1 hour call

The first step is to bring me up to speed with everything about your business so that I can suggest the correct account structure. You will answer a pre-workshop questionnaire regarding your services/products, goals, previous and future campaigns and more. We will then run through your answers in a dedicated briefing session.

week 2 Platform summary and account strategy

2 hour call

I will run you through a summary of the Meta Business Manager - Ads Manager, Audiences, Events Manager (Pixel and CAPI) - so that you are comfortable with the tool you will be working in. I will present your account strategy to you, so that we can both agree on how the account should be set up.

week 3 Creative planning

2 hour call

Learn which creative will be best performing for your niche and how to create content that performs well on LinkedIn, for different ages and demographics.

week 4 Audience creation and campaign set up

2 hour call

First, we'll walk through creation of audiences, covering Custom (your own data - e.g. website visitors or customers), Saved (interest based - e.g. 'interested in furniture') and lookalikes (people similar to those contained in your Custom audiences. Then, we'll build out your campaigns

week 5 Reporting and optimisation

1 hour call

Learn what data to look for when running a report and how to see which ads, ad sets and campaigns are best performing. Discover which metrics help you to break apart ad performance so that you can hone in on the best piece of creative and targeting.



Other Services

Why Hedgehog?

Learn while building your own ads

We'll get you up and running with a custom built account, while training you on how to run everything on your end. 

Ongoing email support

We don't believe in training you up and leaving you out to dry. We provide ongoing email support so that you can ask those pesky questions that inevitably come up.

You work directly with experts

We've helped over 200 businesses in Australia and around the world to run LinkedIn Ads. I've learned the hard way so you can do it the easy way.

Hedgehog helped my organisation revamp our Meta advertising with bespoke advice and training sessions. The team was thorough and flexible - responding directly to our specific needs. I can't recommend Hedgehog enough for anyone looking for help with their marketing!

Joel Parker

Communications Coordinator, Thorne Harbour

Not ready to start a digital marketing coaching program? Book a one-off digital marketing plan or coaching session.

Digital Marketing Training

1-1 coaching sessions, bespoke platform training and set up & handover programs to assist small and medium businesses with their digital marketing.

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • SEO - Google Search

  • Google Analytics - GA4

  • LinkedIn Ads

Marketing Consulting

Get specific best practice advice on a one-off or ongoing basis.

  • Brutally honest independent reports

  • Concise marketing plan containing specific action points

  • Ongoing support to guide implementation

  • Dedicated training sessions

Not sure yet?

Book a time in my calendar below to discuss the best starting point for your business.

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