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SEO Keyword Research

For the small business that is looking for an expert to give them a list of keywords to add to their website and show them how to do it with best practice.

I'll produce a list of keywords that you can use on your site to get traffic. I'll then provide you with a written summary of how to include these and a consultation so that you are left with the tools and know how to optimise your site for SEO.

60 minute video consultation to run through your audit and any questions you have.

An honest and unbiased opinion on your SEO opportunity. I'm not selling implementation, so you can trust my analysis.

Put yourself in the best position to get traffic from search engines.

How it works

Step 1

Briefing Session

A 60 minute briefing session to bring me up to speed with your topics of interest.

I'll ask you to provide me with a high level list of words that describe your brand, services and / or products. These words should be as unique and niche as possible - it's often easier to rank for niche and long tail (many word) keywords.

I will also ask you to provide me with a summary of your business, your competitors and your customers.

You will also provide me with access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts and any previous reports that you would like me to look at.

Step 2

Keyword Research

A comprehensive research piece to uncover keywords of opportunity.

I will then take this and take on the mind of your prospective customer to understand how they may be searching for your offerings via search engines.

I will produce keyword research that uncovers keywords of interest for you business. You will be provided with a list of keywords, segmented by category. 

These keywords will be prioritised based on their monthly search volume and the difficulty to rank.

You will then be provided with a list of keywords to add to your site. This research piece has the added benefit of providing indicative cost per click charges should you consider a paid search campaign. You will also typically receive a list of blog post ideas.

Step 3

Delivery & Consult

A personal consultation session to run you through your new research.

I will host a video session with you to run you through the keyword research. I will show you how to read it and how you can use it for your site, including how to structure content and important content areas (on-site and in metas for Google).

In this session I will also run you through any high level findings from your current SEO structure and provide you with actionable tips you can implement to improve your performance.

Some clients I've SEO'd

culture kings logo.png

Working with Josh has been the best marketing decision we've made. We've worked with a range of agencies over the years and Josh takes things to the next level because he plays as one of your team, deeply understanding your business and making decisions from there. Josh helped us get a significantly better ROI than we have ever had before across all of our online advertising, was able to orchestrate effective digital marketing campaigns and make our multichannel approach look way more on brand. There are no questions that we'll continue to work with him longterm!


Daniel Angelini

Founder at MOVI Workspace


Looking for more?

Check out my other plans, crafted off learnings from helping over 200 small businesses in Australia and around the world to sell more online.

There are no lock in contracts, I don't believe in those - If I'm not providing value then I don't want to be charging you. 

View my coaching programs tailor made to help small businesses sell more online.

Looking for specific advice?

Get specific best practice advice on a one-off basis.

I offer a one-off session designed to provide you with specific advice to help you get past that roadblock. Chat to me about your website, paid and organic search or social media, email marketing or positioning.


Book a 30 or 60 minute session.

Why Hedgehog?

Trusted, independent advice. Bias-free.

I'll be brutally honest and tell you how it is. Because I'm not implementing the work, you can rest assured that I've hidden nothing from the report or plan.

No lock in contracts or minimum terms.

I don't believe in lock in contracts or forcing you to stay (how crazy). If I'm not providing value, I'll stop charging. Simple as that.

You work directly with me, Josh

I've helped over 200 small businesses in Australia and around the world to sell more online. Let's do this!

Every time we get out of a meeting with Josh we say to each other, “man, he’s so great!” We’re a small socially-minded company. We got to the point where we were at the end of our skillset and needed to outsource our digital marketing, but still to be careful with how we invest our resources. Josh totally gets it. He listens carefully to what we need, is proactive in recommending the best way forward, and transparent about the resources required. He creates great tools for us to measure progress, connects us with experts, and helps us stay on track as our goals change. He’s generous, creative, collaborative, flexible and responsive to feedback. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.


Aviva Beecher Kelk

Co-Founder at Clickability


SEO Keyword Research

Book a call to see if it's a good fit

$1,000 + GST

per 10 pages

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