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The Hog Street Journal | June 2023 Digital Marketing Updates

Hey, Let's wrap this financial year up with one last update. I cover my new how-to guides, GA4 and the new Hedgehog dashboard. Looking for a digital marketing audit, strategy, training or guidance? Book a call. Cheers, Josh


I'm Making How-To Guides

I've started producing how-to guides to assist in managing marketing platforms. To get started, I've built three guides, one for each of Google Ads, Google Search Console and Facebook Ads. I'll be building more guides over the next quarter to cover various digital marketing implementations. If there's anything you'd like a guide for, please holla - I'll build it for you!

How to Segment Facebook Ads Results by Attribution Settings: See if your Facebook Ads results are derived from 1 day view or 1, 7 or 28 day click attribution. This will allow you to see if your Facebook Ads are converting from views or clicks.

How to Filter Search Console Queries by Brand: View the search queries made on Google that were for terms which do not include your brand name. This will show which intent based queries you have received traffic for - e.g. 'shoes' and not 'nike'.

How to Segment Google Search Ads by Network: See if your clicks or conversions are from Google Search, Search Partners or Display Network.

Here's an example... Click through to view each of the how-to guides.

GA4 is Here. You Need to Start Using it.

Okay, well, it's here in 2 days. The web industry has been wishing for a delay in GA4's steamroll of Universal Analytics (UA), but it appears that Google is staying strong with the decision. That means that from July 1st, GA4 will be the only version of Google Analytics that is actively tracking your website. So, you need to be ready for the change as of July 1st. By now, you should have a GA4 property set up and are recording visits. The main pit you may fall into is with event and conversion tracking. If you're tracking events / goals on Universal Analytics you'll want to make sure that you've ported them over to GA4. The same goes for Google Ads - if you're running Google Ads with a conversion based on a UA goal then you'll want to move the integration over to GA4. Google's GA4 Setup Assistant is actually quite good at porting events and goals over from UA to GA4, so I highly recommend walking through the process before it's too late. Navigating GA4 to find what you may have been accustomed to in UA can prove challenging. If you're ready to splash a bit of cash ($99), then I can highly recommend the Loves Data GA4 Mini-Course (not affiliate). Or, ask me to help you. :)

Hedgehog Dashboard is Updated for GA4, and more!

The Hedgehog dashboard has been updated to connect with GA4, providing some data views (e.g. conversion rate) which use GA4 data to emulate what you may have been more accustomed to in UA. Further, the dashboard has also been updated with:

  • Summary page for a high level view of what's happening.

  • New reports across all channels.

  • Previous Period and Previous Year reporting on the same page.

  • Improved speed so that you can access your reports faster.

  • Improved design so everything is a little easier to digest.

  • Included Google Business Profile data.

  • Included on-page filters and segmenting.

  • Detailed Google Ads and Facebook / Instagram Ads reporting.

I've included a few sample pages below (sensitive details blurred). This is just a sample of the pages included in the dashboard.

All Hedgehog clients receive their own dashboard, customised to report on metrics important to them. You will receive 24/7 access, as well as a PDF download of the report sent each month.

If you'd like to receive your own dashboard, please respond to this email.

The Summary Page

Google Ads Summary Page

Facebook Ads Summary Page

Instagram Summary Page

Google Business Profile Summary


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