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Simple One Campaign Facebook Ads for 2024 eCommerce

Updated: Apr 19

Facebook Ads for eCommerce have changed. Gone are the days of relying entirely on a funnel approach for your account to be effective. Here are the days of a one-campaign simple Facebook Ads structure.

The TOFU, MOFU, BOFU (top, middle, bottom of the funnel) structure is no longer the only way to set up an account.

Yes, it can still work for a variety of accounts and yes it can be more effective than what I’m about to show you. But for 9/10 of the ecommerce accounts getting started on Facebook Ads you can get live (and thrive) with one campaign which makes your life a whole bunch easier.

Even if you have a mature account you can throw one of these campaigns in the mix. From what I’ve been finding they tend to outperform 9/10 other campaigns.

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe, but the early mover does tend to reap the rewards. Be early to play in a channel and you’ll typically find better results than those who lag behind.

If you’re looking to sell directly online and have limited resources, Facebook’s new campaign type is a god-send.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are the perfect way for ecommerce businesses to get started with Facebook Ads.

  • With this campaign type, you won’t need to think about targeting or account structure - Facebook manages that all for you.

  • Focus on getting the 4 Ps of marketing (product, price, promotion, place) right and Facebook will do the rest for you.

So, what is this simple Facebook Ads campaign?

It’s called Advantage+ Shopping. Unlike other Facebook Ads campaign types, you can barely control any of the targeting and none of the placements - you’re essentially leaving it all up to Facebook to choose for you. Your job is essentially to feed it banger creative, and let Facebook’s machine learning to do the work for you.

This is in stark contrast to what the benefits of advertising on Facebook used to be. No longer are we thanking Facebook for allowing us to target specific niche audiences. And no longer are we attempting to be hyper targeted with our set audiences - Apple’s iOS14 changes made sure of that.

You don’t set any audiences.

Instead of setting up any audience, Facebook asks you only to input a location. The rest is left up to Facebook’s machine learning algorithm. It will analyse and understand your products and who they may be suitable for.

You don’t set placements.

Facebook doesn’t allow you to turn certain placements on or off. Typically, I and many other consultants would run campaigns that turn off many of Facebook’s placements as we found they didn’t work very well (hello right hand column). Advantage+ Shopping campaigns don’t allow you to do this, and instead require you to hand control over to Facebook to make this choice for you. Don’t let this turn you off - let the results speak for themself.

Feed it creative.

Your job is to create banger creative. The Advantage+ campaign will take that creative and weave it through Facebook’s various placements and distribution methods to find the best placement and audience.

That means your creative is more important than ever. And that’s not just because of this campaign type - creative is the way to break into the hearts of your audience, demand attention and win the market. But can talk about that later.

How do I set up an Advantage+ Campaign?

Just head to your Facebook Ads Manager, create a new ‘Sales’ focused campaign and selected Advantage+.


Tips for an effective Advantage+ Campaign:

  • There is no simple answer of how many creative versions you can run, but I like to follow a simple formula - no more than 1 piece of creative per $10 per day spent. If you’re running $50 per day, you can have up to 5 pieces of creative. $100 - 10 creatives. You get the idea.

  • Run all of your funnel content in the same campaign - top, middle and bottom. Advantage+ will display this to your audience at the right time.

And there you have it - your one campaign strategy for Facebook Ads.

This guide is written by Josh Berg, a DIY digital marketing consultant specialising in small and medium businesses in Australia. I offer digital marketing consulting, digital marketing coaching, Facebook Ads training and Google Ads training.


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