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Get implementation support

Book a call to see if it's a good fit

$150 + GST

per hour



For the small business that is looking for a trusted helping hand to ensure your platforms are set up with best practice.

Sometimes things aren't working just like you hope they would and sometimes you just have less time than you thought.

Tap me on the shoulder and I'll fast track your implementation.

Video tutorials of tasks set up will be provided so that you can do them next time, if you like.

A trusted set of hands that has set up thousands of marketing tactics across most channels.

No lock in contracts, just quick tasks when they arise. Most tasks take no more than 1-2 hours. 1 hour minimum per task.

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Hands On Support

Get my hands on the tools to help you get the job done.

I am available for implementation support on an hourly basis. Over the years I have implemented thousands of marketing campaigns and tactics which have allowed me to advise you on best practice.

But, I get it. Sometimes you're out of time and sometimes you don't want to make the time. You may be less technical and more creative. I'm here to help.

Here are some tasks that I can help you with:

  • Marketing Collateral Review: Review of your marketing collateral created.

  • Facebook Ads: Account and Campaign set up so you can create your creative assets.

  • Google Ads: Campaign structural set up so you can write the ads.

  • Website Changes: Minor changes on Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and WordPress websites.

  • Agency / Freelancer Proposal Reviews: Reviewing proposals you receive.

  • Integrating Tools: Integrating the various tools we speak about so that they speak to each other.

  • SEO Set Up: Basic website SEO set up and connection to Google Search Console.

  • Email Marketing: Setting up your automations so that you can enter the content.

To be clear, I will not be running and managing a full campaign for you. I will be assisting you in getting things running so that you are empowered to do so yourself.

If you would like help in managing a campaign, scroll down to Specialist Network Support.


While there are many tasks that I know as intimately as the back of the hand, there are some that pop up that are new to me. When this occurs, I will let you know that I am unsure of the predicted time to complete and will first perform a 1 hour task audit to discover the time needed.

Network Support

Access my network of trusted senior freelancers and agencies that I recommend.

When the implementation requires creative or providing day to day management of a campaign I will recommend that this is either managed by your team, or by a third party freelancer or agency.​

Over the years I have been fortunate to meet fantastic people who are great at what they do. They are so good that I am happy to recommend them to my clients. I take no clipping or commission as this would make me biased. I only recommend the very best for your needs. 

I have freelancers who specialise in:

  • Facebook Ads: Set up and management.

  • Google Ads: Set up and management.

  • Websites: WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace

  • Copy: Long and short form.

  • Design: Implementation design & branding.

  • UX: User experience flow development.

  • SEO: On-site optimisation and off-site campaigns.

Some clients I've Implemented

culture kings logo.png

Working with Josh has been the best marketing decision we've made. We've worked with a range of agencies over the years and Josh takes things to the next level because he plays as one of your team, deeply understanding your business and making decisions from there. Josh helped us get a significantly better ROI than we have ever had before across all of our online advertising, was able to orchestrate effective digital marketing campaigns and make our multichannel approach look way more on brand. There are no questions that we'll continue to work with him longterm!


Daniel Angelini

Founder at MOVI Workspace


Looking for more?

Check out my other plans, crafted off learnings from helping over 200 small businesses in Australia and around the world to sell more online.

There are no lock in contracts, I don't believe in those - If I'm not providing value then I don't want to be charging you. 

View my Advisory, Planned and Managed plans.

Looking for specific advice?

Get specific best practice advice on a one-off basis.

I offer a one-off session designed to provide you with specific advice to help you get past that roadblock. Chat to me about your website, paid and organic search or social media, email marketing or positioning.


Book a 30 or 60 minute session.

Meet the Dashboard

A simple, high level overview of your digital marketing performance.

Hedgehog Marketing Dashboard Example.gif

All Hedgehog clients on a monthly plan get 24/7 access to their own digital marketing dashboard.

It’s an automatically updated, interactive dashboard that hooks directly into your website and core marketing channel analytics.

You'll get an understanding of where your traffic is coming from, its behaviour in your on-site funnel and more.

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