I help you sell vegan products

If you're searching for a specialist vegan marketing consultant, then you've come to the right place. I work with vegan and vegan-friendly businesses to help them sell more online and in-store in Australia and abroad.

Hi I’m Josh, think of me as your specialist vegan digital marketing advisor

Being a 15-year vegan, I have a passion and life goal to help people like you to sell more vegan products. I provide trusted advice and am focused on one thing - helping your business to sell more vegan products.
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How I can help your vegan-friendly business

My Services


Get best practice advice

We'll meet once a month where I'll be your sounding board, guidance and accountability for your digital marketing.

  • Monthly advisory session

  • Strategic & tactical advice

  • Incidental support

  • Best practice guidance


Get a plan in place to grow

I'll read your data and put together a concise plan of attack to help you sell more online.

  • Everything from Advisory

  • Monthly performance report

  • Monthly plan of attack

  • Monthly planning meeting

  • Incidental support

  • Digital Marketing Dashboard


Get me to manage your plan

I'll manage your digital marketing function from strategy to implementation support.

  • Everything from Planned

  • Strategy development

  • Tactical briefing

  • Mid-month performance update

  • Prioritised implementation support

  • Digital Marketing Dashboard

Some of my vegan marketing clients

It is an absolute joy to work with companies that bring vegan products to market. As a long-time vegan I suffered through the early years of eating hot chips and a side of steamed vegetables when out for dinner.


Now, I suffer from choice paralysis when ordering food or buying at the markets - what a time to be alive!

I help vegan and vegan-friendly businesses to make a name for themselves and sell more products. Below are some of my favourite vegan clients I've worked with.

Some of my vegan marketing blogs

Did a vegan ad just air on Australian TV for the first time?

Last Sunday, I flicked on the telly to tune into my favourite show  –  RBT. As the police ticker chime came on I knew that one of two things was about to happen.


I was either going to bear witness to yet another exciting scene featuring someone blowing over, or I was closing in on an advertising break. Normally I’d opt for the former, but on this occasion, I enjoyed the latter.

The copywriting for grill'd's new vegan burgers is smart marketing

Grill’d has announced the introduction of the Beyond Burger patty for four of its most popular burgers, a plant-based alternative to a regular meat patty.

Upon hearing the news, my little vegan ears wiggled in excitement. I’d been waiting yonks for Grill’d to replace their vegan cheeseburger patty with the Beyond Burger.

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