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why hedgehog only services companies we believe in

We started Hedgehog Agency for a myriad of reasons.

  1. We couldn’t find an agency that truly valued the work-life balance.

  2. We wanted our thinking to be at the forefront of discussions.

  3. We felt there was a different way of going about things in the advertising/marketing agency world.

But, there was one main reason above all else:

We wanted to be in control of which companies we did work for.

On too many occasions in our pre-Hedgehog days, we had been asked to produce strategy, write copy, run campaigns, execute, build ad platforms, build websites, you name it — for companies of all demeanours. Sometimes we agreed with the companies and produced our best work, sometimes our blood boiled under our poker faces.

It didn’t bode well with us. We were sick of helping companies, of which we didn’t agree with their business practices from an ethical standpoint, to achieve their best sales quarters to date.

This led us to decide one thing early on which continues to hold true at Hedgehog — we’ll only service companies of which we agree with their ethics.

It’s a hard one, no doubt. Who chooses what Hedgehog Agency believes in? The easiest is to look to our founders — Ali Berg and myself. I’m an 11 year vegan, while Ali is a 6 year vegetarian. As such, we’ve spent large portions of our lives reducing the amount of animal products that we eat. It would be counter-intuitive to then help a company which sells meat to grow their sales. Our net impact on the amount of animal products eaten would likely (if we did a good job) show that we’ve done more for animal product production than vice versa.

We also don’t provide our marketing services to betting companies, coal, oil or cigarettes.

While it’s been hard on the pockets, we’ve referred countless companies to other agencies when we don’t see a good fit.

But, we’re only the start of the culture. As we grow, we learn what it means to build the culture of a workplace that we always wanted to see. Our culture is full of wonderful people who have joined us on this journey from many different backgrounds and disciplines.

We’re not a dictatorship, but rather a democracy, and our team is able to come to the table with any ethical concerns they may have. We’re an open platform to build our list of no-nos, while actively seeking companies who do good for the world.

That’s how we met some of our favourite clients — MGC Pharmaceuticals, Doing Good Rewards, The Vegan Dairy, Soul Burger, Unreal Fur, The Medical Cannabis Council of Australia, Gravitas Energy, Energy Locals and more. The list really does go on and we couldn’t be happier to put our name next to theirs.

If you think your business fits our mould, we’d love to chat — no strings attached. We’re not revenue obsessed beasts. We’re a team of lovely individuals who truly desire no more than to provide a holistic marketing service which provides value aligned to the business objectives of our clients.

It doesn’t need to be scary to speak to an agency. Hopefully we can show you that.


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