Copy for Small Business | 4 packaging copy examples that are doing it right

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Written by Ali Berg.

I’m currently writing packaging copy for one of my clients. They want to be witty, cheeky and yet still informative (ie. they don’t want to dilute their how-to-use instructions with too much banter). This got me thinking. What is the happy medium between cool and educational packaging copy? If you owned a shampoo brand, you wouldn’t want to just say, ‘wash, rinse, repeat. Best for dry hair’.

That’s too boring. But writing ‘pour this magical unicorn dust on your mane, then lather into a glittery mist, then replicate. Matchmake it with parched hair for extra sparkle’ is a little…too much. Here’s some examples of product copy that I think are nailing it. Let me know if you think the same!