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How to integrate Shopify with your Facebook Catalogue after migrating from WooCommerce

Leveraging social commerce through platforms like Facebook and Instagram can significantly amplify your online store's reach and sales. Integrating your catalogue with Facebook is imperative - for businesses transitioning to Shopify from WooCommerce there can be some complications.

This guide explores how to effectively manage your Shopify store's integration with the Facebook Catalogue, ensuring a seamless connection.

Removing WooCommerce Catalogue from Facebook

N.B. Before connecting your Shopify store to Facebook, it's crucial to completely disconnect any previous setups with platforms like WooCommerce. This prevents any product listing conflicts (e.g. old product listings with old pricing) and ensures data accuracy.

First, remove WooCommerce from Facebook:

  1. Log in to Facebook Business Manager: Start by accessing your Facebook Business account linked to your WooCommerce.

  2. Navigate to Catalogues: Find the ‘Catalogues’ section under ‘Assets’.

  3. Select the WooCommerce Catalogue: Choose the catalogue you want to remove.

  4. Delete the Catalogue: Use the ‘Remove Catalogue’ option to delete it, ensuring that all WooCommerce products are no longer linked.

Clearing out previous WooCommerce integrations prevents overlap and potential errors once Shopify is connected.

Setting Up Your Shopify Facebook Catalog

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Access Facebook Channel in Shopify: Go to the ‘Facebook Channel’ from your Shopify admin and follow the setup prompts.

  2. Connect Your Account: Link your Facebook Business page and choose the product catalogue to sync.

  3. Sync Your Products: Sync all products or select collections tailored to your Facebook audience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even with a smooth setup, you may encounter issues. Common challenges include syncing errors or updates not reflecting on Facebook.

To troubleshoot, consider the following:

  • Check Sync Settings in Shopify: Confirm that your sync settings allow automatic updates.

  • Review Facebook Integration Settings: Ensure no restrictions that might block certain products from syncing.

  • Consult Support Channels: Utilise Shopify and Facebook’s help centres or contact their support teams for specific solutions.


How often does Shopify sync with Facebook?

Shopify syncs with Facebook almost in real-time, with any changes usually reflecting within a few minutes to an hour.

Can I run Facebook ads for products in my catalogue?

Yes, products synced to your Facebook Catalogue can be directly used in Facebook ads, allowing targeted promotions based on your catalogue’s data.

What if a product fails to sync?

Ensure the product complies with Facebook’s commerce policies and that the product image and description meet the required standards.

This guide is written by Hedgehog, a Done With You digital marketing consultancy specialising in small and medium businesses in Australia. We offer digital marketing consulting, coaching, and training.

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