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Digital Marketing 101 for Australian Small Business

Updated: May 2

Welcome to the 2021 edition of the Hedgehog digital marketing for small business get started series. In this series I aim to provide small businesses with the know-how to get set up for best practice in digital marketing.

You’ll find a guide for each of the major channels that are consistently used amongst each of my clients.

I will be releasing a guide per week, starting with this hero guide. Enjoy!

Get an actionable guide for small businesses

The below guides are all built with a few concepts in mind to help you set up your digital marketing function with confidence.

  1. Considerations - Every small business is different, and each deserves a different plan. That’s why you’ll find considerations that need to be discussed by you and your team to help you craft your strategy.

  2. Actionable Tactics - I don’t believe in large slabs of text that leave you with nowhere to go. That’s why you’ll find actionable points in each of these guides.

  3. Examples - Be inspired by companies that have done it before. There’s no need to walk this line alone while there’s countless examples out there of companies that have done it before.

About the author, Josh Berg

I’ve worked with over 200 small businesses, spending thousands of hours analysing their performance to advise on digital marketing best practice.

Over the hours there have been several key recommendations that have been consistent for almost all of my clients.

This guide is the product of this time and focuses on providing you with an actionable list of tactics to get your digital marketing basics set up.

This is the master guide, which links out to other more tactical guides that will help you to build your digital marketing function.

Your Digital Marketing 101 Guides

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Happy marketing!


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I’m available for consultation to help you work through this guide, ensuring that you’re implementing with best practice advice and are set up for success.

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