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Hire me as your Digital Marketing Manager

Book a call to see if we are a good fit

$3,000 + GST

per month



For those looking for someone to manage the plan to sell more online. I'll manage your digital marketing from strategy to implementation support.

Video sessions and shared collaborative meeting minutes

Spaces are limited. I am only taking on clients that are a perfect fit

No lock in contracts. If I’m not providing value, I’ll stop charging

Monthly planning session, report and strategy

I'll read your data and put together an honest report and a concise plan of attack.

  • Monthly planning session: A monthly planning session to run through your report and strategy (below).

  • Monthly report: A refreshingly independent, unbiased and impartial report that tells it like it is.

  • Plan of attack: Your actionable strategy and tactics for the month and quarter ahead.

These services are all from the Planned package and come included in the Managed package. More details here

Implementation briefing and support

Detailed briefs and hands on support to help you and your team implement with confidence.

I'll be your Digital Marketing Manager and write detailed strategic briefs for implementation. I'll deliver the brief to your team or external freelancers who are working on the project to ensure that they are aligned with the goals, objectives and deliverables.​​


I'll provide ongoing prioritised support through the month, whether it's a phone call here or there or an email - I'll be available within 24 hours.

  • Briefs: Detailed task or campaign briefs outlining the specific deliverables and goals to be achieved.

  • Prioritised support: Premium support with a response time of under 24 hours.

Mid-month update

Your status check and my finger on the pulse.

I'll perform a high level report across your website analytics and core marketing channels in the middle of the month. This keeps my finger on the pulse and allows for twice the optimisations as a once per month report.

  • Recommendations: A detailed list of optimisations that you can make to your digital marketing this month.

  • Mid-month Session: A second session in the middle of the month for your report and recommendations.

Organic and Paid Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok), Organic and Paid Search (Google, Bing, even Yahoo!), Display Advertising (Google Display Network, AdRoll and more), Email Marketing (Automated Email Sequences, Email Collection and Email Newsletters. Press (Getting in the news) and Website Optimisation (Increasing conversion rates).

Some clients I've Managed


Let’s be frank. Digital marketing consultants are a dime a dozen. Or, so I thought after a number of failed experiences. When Josh of Hedgehog Marketing contacted me, his approach was markedly different. He actually took the time to understand my values, which is the essence of my business. That understanding made me take notice, and 12 months on, I continue to value and benefit from Josh’s expertise. A blend of evidence-based analysis, commitment, authenticity and integrity – Josh gets what I will and won’t do in the name of growing my business! I am excited to see what we achieve in the next 12 months – together.

Jannifer Black

Founder at The V Spot

the v spot logo.png

Not ready to commit?

Or looking for help on a specific topic?


Get specific best practice advice on a one-off basis.

I offer a one-off session designed to provide you with specific advice to help you get past that roadblock. Chat to me about your website, paid and organic search or social media, email marketing or positioning.


Book a 30 or 60 minute session.

Meet the Dashboard

A simple, high level overview of your digital marketing performance.

Hedgehog Marketing Dashboard Example.gif

All Hedgehog clients get 24/7 access to their own digital marketing dashboard.

It’s an automatically updated, interactive dashboard that hooks directly into your website and core marketing channel analytics.

You'll get an understanding of where your traffic is coming from, its behaviour in your on-site funnel and more.

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